Pre Sale

“An Amanda Addams Auction is an event. Amanda Addams team is dedicated to serving the vendors with outstanding personal service and attention to detail.”


Amanda Addams Auctions always undertake to represent the vendor to the highest level.


We have an extensive mailing list and these clients attend our Auctions on a regular basis. This list is constantly updated for maximum attendance.

Amanda Addams Auctions advertises in the “The Age” newspaper, local newspapers, trade magazines and other relevant collecting media. Also large notice boards and letter box drops.

The goods at the Auction House are always displayed in a decorative fashion, maximizing their sale potential.

There are three separate viewings (three days) with extensive viewing times.

During viewing a large number of people attend and view, they range from dealers, collectors to locals as well as interstate and overseas buyers.

It is in the interest of Amanda Addams Auctions to procure the highest possible hammer price for any one item, we have a (98% auction sale rate).

It is imperative to have fresh stock for every auction, we do not re – auction.


Amanda Addams Auctions estimate a realistic selling price based on many years experience. This estimate may vary slightly higher or lower.


David Freeman Antique Valuations places any required reserves on items consigned to Amanda Addams with full consultation with the vendors.


A low or no reserve often attracts a larger number of bidders.

All items will be auctioned and any costs will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale as per your consigned “Consignment Agreement” form.

Vendor Etiquette at Auction:

When vendors attend viewing and auction, it is most advisable that they remain discreet.

*If there is a need to speak to a staff member, arrange for a suitable time and place.

*Do not discuss private issues with the public or within earshot of the public.

*Do not disrupt the Auction process in any way; there are other vendors to consider also.


If you are not clear or satisfied with any issue please give us the opportunity to clarify prior to viewing.

It is with much pleasure that we accept your goods for our next auction.

David and Mandy on behalf of all at Amanda Addams Auctions

*Do not disrupt the Auction process in any way; there are other vendors to consider also.