Vendors Fees
And Charges

“Amanda Addams team is dedicated to serving the vendors with outstanding personal service and attention to detail. Addams Auctions have full insurance cover on your goods. (Others don’t).”

Commission Ranges :

Our commission ranges from 0% to 25% depending on the value of goods consigned and auctioned at any one time.

$ Range%
$500 -$100025
$1500 - $199915
$2000 - $499912
$5000 - $999911
$10,000 - $20,00010
$20,001 - $30,0009
$30,001 - $50,0007
$50,001 - $99,9996
$100,000 +0

Please note: the above is a sliding scale and in some circumstances is negotiable.

Illustrations: and advertising is usually paid for by Amanda Addams Auctions, and only paid by the vendor when special advertising instructions are a requirement of the vendor.

Insurance: is taken out separately for every auction and is tailored to suit by Countrywide Tolstrup Insurance Brokers 1.5% applies to all goods and is negotiable in certain circumstances.

A comprehensive insurance covers all aspects of necessary insurance such as public liability, professional indemnity and total contents cover.

Security: a professional security services provide us with all necessary security.

Cartage: Cartage is carried out by a team member who is a professional in his field, the firms we suggest are fully insured and highly experienced. If required cartage charges are paid for by Amanda Addams Auctions and deducted from the sale proceeds when accounts are being settled. Cartage fees are between the vendor and the carrier not Amanda Addams Auction.

Specialist valuers: For coins, stamps, jewellery, wine, and miscellaneous valuations are called in on a consultation basis. All consultants used are specialists and experts in their field.

Specialist Charges: For coins, stamps, jewellery, wine, and miscellaneous valuations are all charged by the individual expert at his/her rate and paid for by Amanda Addams Auctions and deducted from the sale proceeds. Note: these charges are not refunded as are valuations carried out by David freeman.

All items are auctioned to suit the needs of the vendor and an average turn around of one to four weeks is expected, depending on when items are consigned.

Remittance is carried out to comply with the Amanda Addams Auctions “Terms and Conditions of Sale” and is paid out in full within 30 days of the sale.

Where appropriate Amanda Addams Auctions undertakes the removal or sale of items of little or no value at no charge to the vendor.

We have secure storage facilities that are available for our use both short term and long term.

Storage of items for short term (1 – 2 months) is an expense of Amanda Addams Auctions and is never charged to the vendor, unless the Estate is much more than an average household, in this instance special arrangements are required by both vendor and Amanda Addams Auctions, each situation is individually assessed.

All our accounts are computerised and all our auction documents are protected by a specially designed individual computer auction system.

After auction we always reconcile inventories and carted and auctioned items as outlined above, in the unlikely event of any short – fall or damage Amanda Addams Auctions will bear any associated costs.

As the “Specialists” Amanda Addams Auctions always give’s that little bit more by having paintings reframed where appropriate, the silver polished, the clock serviced, furniture restored and or polished, etc to enable premium presentation, we even take great care in coordination and redecoration in order for all items to reach their premium potential – which in return presents the highest return in revenue for the vendor.

Amanda Addams Auctions is well patronised by locals, (who would otherwise not attend public auctions) do to the fact that we conduct auctions on Sunday’s.

Buyers who attend our auctions know and are guaranteed that all auction items are from estates and private vendors, which is extremely important to buyers.

By being approved members of the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia you are guaranteed that the service we provide is of the highest standard.

Amanda Addams Auctions Pty. Ltd. always undertakes to represent the vendor to the highest level and our results speak for themselves as we have set many auction price records and continue to do so both locally and internationally.

If your need is for an innovative independent “Boutique Auction” that stands apart from the existing style of auction with creative marketing methods, outstanding personal service and exceptional results then you should call us.

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